The Concept

First Run at it |The Anthropocene on Migration Equity: Definitions of Home and Place in a Borderless World

  • Anthropocene: defined as the ecological epoch where there is absolutely no part of the world left untouched by humans
  • How do we talk about the places we are from and the places…

A Word Vomit with Yoo Sung Lee

On How We Deserve Better (Designs)

“It is a destructive existence to be blaming ourselves for our unpleasant experiences, rather than the products in our lives.”

We cannot control that we are changing and growing, that we are individuals, and that we are imperfect. …

First, let’s talk about the limitations and affordances of print vs. screen

The Notes Vicki emailed me:

  • Interaction: screen allows for interaction in the sense you can touch/click and it will change. an animation doesn’t allow for that. still, how can an animation offer more/different interaction than a poster?
  • Everything…

Vista: a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening

Some initial observations:

Overall, the typeface looks symmetrical, such as in the capital “T”, the counter of the “y”, and in the “o”. However, there are many detailed and small quirks that reveal a fun and interesting asymmetry. What I found most appealing was the very slight curves

List of adjectives

  • inspired by hand-painted signs in Sumatra
  • humanist typeface, inspired by blackletter 😸👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼‍🦰😪😪😸😳✨😳

Here’s a list of elements to consider in your narrative
• the name of the typeface and the family
• the name of the designer(s), the country of origin, and date of design
• the type classification, expressive qualities, personality
• a description of the visual characteristics of the family
• a list or description of the various weights, slants of the entire family

This project was about discovering, breaking down, and analyzing how a visual system could achieve the goals of a publication service.

One of the breakthrough moments of this project was differentiating the content from the design. This is rightfully difficult to do because the design is so directly influenced by the content; my brain had to work to consistently switch between describing the content to describing the design.

Context was very important. RealSimple’s content is in the realm of “solutions”, with many articles on tips&tricks, DIYs, advice, and product reviews. Their audience niche is the middle-aged

How much of this is real?

Some kids grow up wanting to fly to the moon, others want to invent time traveling machines. As someone currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in design, my childhood dream was to become an artist. I wanted my paintings in museums and to photograph for the Times. While this is no longer the direction my studies are leading me in, with a camera as my artistic medium of choice, this is my attempt at still being able to create some art for myself.

Week 1: An Emotion

Emily Liu

Design Student @ CMU

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